Peat Moss Solvika Made in Lithuania

  • It’s easy to handle and consistent
  • High quality
  • 100% Pure Peat Moss
  • Less Moisture Contents
  • Low Density
  • Best Seedling Medium
  • Ideal Soil Conditioner
  • Proffesional Soil Mix

Order less than 340L bag deliver in Plastic bags

18.00 د.إ79.00 د.إ Inc. vat

Peat Moss “Solvika” 340 Ltr

Peat moss has been used as a soil amendment for so long because it has a lot to offer. For clay and heavy soils that get compact easily, it softens the soil structure and improves the drainage. For sandy soil, peat moss helps retain moisture and nutrients for plant roots. It provides better support for the thin and bare areas of your lawn. Peat Moss “Solvika” 340 Ltr is good for improving heavy soils, helps loosen heavy soils and prevents compaction, improves aeration and drainage in potting mixes, for seed starting or blending a custom potting mix, promotes root growth

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