Seed Starter Potting Mix “Premium potting soil”

  • Excellent Growing Media
  • Garden-tested and guaranteed
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor potted plant
  • Promotes strong roots
  • Boosts nutrient and water uptake
  • Enhances plants’ resilience to stress
  • Improves drought tolerance

Specification of product:

  • Basic material:        Decomposed Plant Material
  • Density:                    >200 kg/m3
  • Organic matter:      88%
  • Moisture content:   47%
  • EC:                             <1.5mmhos/cm
  • Salt Content:            <1.5 g/L
  • pH:                             5.5-6.5


  • For Seeds: Select a container or seedling tray, fill evenly with potting mix and sow the seed according to your requirement
  • For Cittings: Select a container or seedling tray, fill evenly with potting mix and make holes with a pencil as required, Insert cuttings and press potting mix around stem

Avoid over watering and provide sufficient drainage


18.00 د.إ39.00 د.إ Inc. vat


Seed Starter Potting Mix

Gardener’s seed starter potting mix premium is a natural growing substrate for seeds germination and fresh root cutting. It is a mixture of black and white baitik sphagnum peat moss from finest source. It is an ideal potting substrate for flower and vegetable seed germination and strong root development for fresh root cutting, It have Macro and micro nutrients which are required for germination.

Seed Starter Potting Max “PREMIUM” serves as the best growth support to initiate the sprouting process in seeds. It contains micronutrients that help in germination and proper emergence from the seed shell. Made of decomposed plant material has soil PH of 5.5 6.5 and nutrients available to plants NPK + trace elements. Fine-textured blend promotes rapid germination and vigorous seedlings, and provides excellent drainage for healthy root growth.

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