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National Agriculture Perlite | 100% Organic Natural Perlite

  • Perlite is 100% natural perlite for horticultural use.
  • Perlite is used in soil mixes to improve aeration and modify the soil substructure, keeping it loose, well-draining and defying compaction.
  • Maintains a neutral PH
  • Excellent for maintaining moisture within an environment

17.50 د.إ42.00 د.إ Inc. vat

National Agriculture Perlite

Those small white particles we have all seen in potting mixes really do have an important role to play, though we may often take them for granted. They are called perlite and work to prevent the soil from becoming compacted.

By doing this, perlite functions as an aid to maintain adequate air or oxygen in the soil, which in turn improves plant respiration. To better understand whether perlite is right for your growing operation, it is best to look a bit deeper into just what it is and what it does.




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