Golden Penda First love “Xanthostemon chrysanthus” 0.3-0.4m

Mix Height: 10 – 15m

Spread: 5 – 8m

Origin: Northern Queensland

Family: Myrtaceae

Common Name: First love

Flower Colour: Showy yellow

Drought Tolerance: Medium

Salinity Tolerance: Low

Sun Tolerance: Medium

Wind Tolerance: High

Water Requirement: Medium

Pest Tolerance: Medium

Disease Tolerance: Medium

Growth Rate: Medium

28.00 د.إ Inc. vat

Golden Penda First love “Xanthostemon chrysanthus”

Golden penda is a species of tree in the myrtle family Myrtaceae, endemic to (found only in) north eastern Queensland, Australia. It is a popular garden plant with showy yellow blooms. It grows as a tree 10–15 metres high and 5–8 metres wide in the wild, but generally much more compact in gardens. The bark is rough and the habit bushy. The shiny green elliptic leaves measure 7–22 cm long by 2–9.5 cm wide. They are arranged in whorls along the stems.

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