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COSMOCEL® H85 Humic Acid Hydrosoluble Powder Fertilizer 1Kg

Ideal for strengthening the effect to the application of chemical fertilizers

  • Holds exchangeable nutrients
  • Converts unavailable nutrients into soluble forms which the plant can use.
  • Improves the soil’s moisture conditions (porosity, drainage and holding capacity)
  • Increases the solubility of reserve calcium and magnesium
  • Increases the microbial activity in the soil


  • Fulvic Acids – 37%
  • Humic Acids – 48%
  • Solubility – 15%

103.50 د.إ 110.00 د.إ Inc. vat

COSMOCEL® H85 Humic Acid Hydrosoluble Powder Fertilizer 1Kg

Cosmocel H85 Humic Acid Organic Hydrosoluble Powder Fertilizer 1Kg is natural humic conditioner obtained from leonardite is ideal to improve mineral uptake from soil nutrients and fertilizers. It is a wettable powder for soil application, containing 850g per kilo of humic and fulvic acids extracted from leonardite.

Effects of Humic acid on Plants:

Humic acid increase white roots improves nutrients uptake and plant vigour, Thus better nutrient uptake results in thicker stem and improves flowering, Strong healthy plant naturally increases resistance to disease and Vigorous plant improves crop yield and quality.

Effects of Humic acid on Soil:

Humic acid increase uptake of Phosphorus, micro nutrients and cation exchange capacity (CEC) of soil results in less waste of applied nutrients and improves soil structure which enables better aeration of soil and increases soil water holding capacity.


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