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Grow Fast Magnesium Sulphate Powder | Epsom Salt 1Kg


  • Key component of chlorophyll
  • Resist stunted growth and color change
  • Activates plant enzyme systems
  • Regulates the uptake of other nutrients by the plant
  • Makes plants grow bushier
  • Produces more flowers

Note: Keep out of children reach and direct sunlight, Store under dry and cool condition, Avoid contact with hand and eyes, Use gloves.

55.00 د.إ 65.00 د.إ Inc. vat

Grow Fast Magnesium Sulphate Powder | Epsom Salt 1Kg

Magnesium is the central core of the chlorophyll molecule in plant tissue. If magnesium is deficient, the shortage of chlorophyll results in poor and stunted plant growth. Magnesium also helps to activate specific enzyme systems. Desert energy magnesium sulphate is a Water soluble, straight fertilizer, with sulphur and magnesium. It is free from chlorine, sodium and heavy metals. Appeared as White crystals. Dissolve quickly in water without any residues. Excellent source of Mg, useful in high saline irrigation water with very low EC value and to correct soil pH.

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