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Desert Energy Ferro Twenty


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  • Very stable form of iron sulphate
  • Dissolves easily in water
  • Effective, greener and conditioner for lawns
  • Treat iron chlorosis (yellowing of the leaves)
  • Reduce Soil and Water pH

Note: Keep out of children reach and direct sunlight, Store under dry and cool condition, Avoid contact with hand and eyes, Use gloves.

9.00 د.إ235.00 د.إ Inc. vat

Desert Energy Ferro Twenty

Iron plays a vital role in photosynthetic electron transport, respiration, chlorophyll formation, and numerous enzymatic reactions. Desert energy ferro twenty is the highly soluble form of ferrous sulphate, which is mainly used as a fertilizer providing a good source of both iron and sulphur. It is a very stable form of iron sulphate, this means it has a long shelf life and oxidisation is prevented. It dissolves easily in water compared to standard sulphate of iron products (in Lukewarm water) Effective, greener and conditioner for lawns, treatment for iron chlorosis (yellowing of the leaves). Contain sulphur at lower pH which helps to (acidify) reduce the Soil and Water pH.

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