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Aptenia Cordifolia Hanging | Baby Sun Rose Succulent Plant Pink Flower

Botanical Name: Aptenia cordifolia

Common Names: Baby Sun rose, Heartleaf Ice Plant

Origin: Native to South Africa

  • Low-growing succulent with trailing stems.
  • Fleshy, heart-shaped leaves.
  • Pink, white, or red daisy-like flowers.
  • Flowers prolifically throughout the growing season.

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Aptenia Cordifolia Hanging

Aptenia cordifolia, commonly known as Baby Sun rose or Heartleaf Ice Plant, is a low-growing succulent plant native to South Africa. It is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant due to its attractive foliage and colorful flowers. The leaves are small, fleshy, and heart-shaped, and the stems trail along the ground or cascade over container edges

This succulent is well-suited for sunny locations and is drought-tolerant, making it a popular choice for rock gardens, ground cover, or hanging baskets. It requires well-draining soil and moderate water, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings to prevent root rot

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