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Endigo ZC® insecticide “To protect your plants from insects” 250ml

Net Weight: 250 ml

Active Ingredients: Thiamethoxam, Lambda-cyhalothrin

Resistance Management: Group 3A, 4A Insecticide

  • High quality Insecticides
  • Kill insects quickly and has a long lasting residual effect
  • Highly effective in controlling insects that transmit viruses to plant
  • Used on crops, vegetables and fruits

Application Rate: 30-40ml per 100Ltr of water

Target: Aphid, Stinkbugs, Bean leaf beetle, Japanese beetle, Grasshoppers, Corn rootworm beetle, Worms and Kudzu bug

Before Using a Pesticide

  • Must be used by professionals
  • Read the label thoroughly
  • Be familiar with all precautions
  • Be familiar with First Aid information
  • Put on the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

155.00 د.إ Inc. vat

Shalimar Neem Guard

Shalimar Neem Guard contains extracts of garlic, turmeric, lemon grass and neem oil. This product not only eradicates pests but also has an anti-feedant oviposition deterrent. Neem Guard is an excellent substitute for chemical pesticides. Neem Guard prevents and controls Aternaia, Botryis, Downy, Powdery Mildew, Rsts, Phytothora, Anthracnose, White flies, Thrips, Leafminers, Beetles, Aphids Borers, Caterpillars, Bollworms, White Ants, Red Palm Weevils, Mealy Bugs, Nematodes and Termites. It is an effective miticide, suffocating eggs, killing adults and gives a fast knockdown of mite species in contact.




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