Basil “Basilico Genovese” Seeds by Hortus

Brand: Hortus Sementi

Made in Italy

  • Premium quality seeds
  • Hortus Basil Dark Green Leaves
  • Strong and Penetrating Fragrance that Do Not Smell of Mint
  • Used Extensively in Cookery to Flavour Various Dishes and Sauces

8.00 د.إ 10.00 د.إ Inc. vat

Parsley “Prezzemolo Gigante D’ Italia” Seeds by Hortus

Basil “Basilico Genovese” Seeds by Hortus could provide distinct advantage where growing space is at a premium and a large quantity of fresh basil foliage may be required. This plant is a strong producer of dark-green, glossy leaves with a characteristic spoon shape. The leaves are exceptionally tender and have a distinctively sweet flavor that is excellent in sauces and cooking.

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