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Sansevieria Green Zeylanica “Bowstring Hemp” 30-40 cm

Size: 35-50cm

  • Remove toxic pollutants
  • May help boost mental health
  • Easy to care for
  • Filter indoor air
  • Effective against allergies
  • May help enhance the “energy” of a space
  • Can help with minor ailments

10.00 د.إ 25.00 د.إ Inc. vat

Sansevieria Green Zeylanica “Bowstring Hemp” 30-40 cm

Sansevieria Green Zeylanica more commonly identified as bowstring hemp, is an evergreen perennial plant. It’s native to the South East Asian Region, especially found in India and Sri Lanka. A very close relative of the “Mother in Law’s Tongue” it’s vividly green with gorgeous leaf stripes. Sturdy and hardy, this plant can tolerate a surprising amount of neglect. It’s phenomenal as a houseplant, and in fact will purify the air in your home for you. Much like Sansevieria cylindrica and other snake plant types, this sansevieria is a popular choice whether indoors or outdoor. For indoor your best bet is to provide as much light as you can. A sunny window is a good choice. If you don’t have lots of sunlight pouring in, provide bright indirect lighting. Your Sansevieria zeylanica may be darker green in color if in lower light. Outdoors, bright and direct sunlight is good well most of the time. The peak of summer and the intense, scorching sun can cause the edges of leaves to yellow. Plants grown outdoors may be lighter in color. The natural patterning may be less distinct as well. As a tropical plant, bowstring hemp doesn’t like the cold. Temperatures below 50°F can cause leaf damage. A range of 60°F to 75°F is best. Flowers are blooms in the month of Nov and Dec

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