Bird Net “Heavy Duty Bird Netting Black” Ideal for Pond Safety & Fruit Cage


  • HDPE Knotless Knitting
  • Mesh Size: 15mm Diamond Shape
  • Mesh Wt: 30 Gsm / 60 Gsm
  • Color: Black
  • UV Stabilized


  • Active Solution to stop birds entering spaces
  • UV Stabilized for extreme weather conditions
  • Can be used over permanent structure or applied as a re-usable drape over net.
  • Quality knitted from high grade Poly UV Netting

14.00 د.إ1,010.00 د.إ Inc. vat

Bird Net

Bird Netting is an effective and humane way of bird exclusion. Bird net can be used to protect all types of objects, openings, and structures as there is major bird problem in many areas nowadays. They get easy access from open balcony, grills, plumbing ducts & find good nesting area on the pipes & parapets inside the premises. They make nests & lay eggs there. There is a big bird droppings problem inside the primes which cannot be easily cleaned & emits a very foul smell. Many birds die in the ducts causing the large presence of maggots & other insects in the premises area. Birds nest on top of ACs & release a type of fungus that can cause LUNG DISEASES. We have developed a special bird net to get rid of this menace caused by birds without hurting or killing them.

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