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Air Plants Tillandsia Assorted in Transparent pot “Terrarium” 3-4cm


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  • Use a spray bottle or plant mister to spray air plants with water every day or two. place the damp air plant on a towel to dry for a few hours. This is the best method of watering air plants as it really allows the water to soak into the plants. To water air plants this way, fill a bowl or sink with water and float the air plants in the water for 20 minutes to an hour every week. Then, take the plants out of the water, tip them upside down so any excess water can drain away, and then place them on a towel to dry before putting them back on display.
  • Do not use distilled water. If using tap water, allow it to sit at room temperature for 24 hours for the chlorine to dissipate.
  • Spring water or rain water is the best choice. You can also use aquarium or pond water to water air plants as it contains several dissolved nutrients, but do not apply any other fertilizers if you water with aquarium or pond water.
  • If any leaves at the base of the plant die, simply pull them off with your fingers or cut them off with a sharp pair of plant grooming shears.
  • If any leaves turn brown at the tips, cut the brown, dead growth off with the grooming shears. Do it at an angle, so the trimmed leaf blends in with the healthy ones.
  • Keep air plants away from both cold and hot drafts that dry them out. The ideal temperature for air plants is between 50 and 90 degrees F.

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11 in stock

Air Plants Tillandsia Assorted mix

The Tillandsia truly are beauty of an air plants. It features lovely tendrils that are a gorgeous shade of deep green that appear to move and wave as you admire it. The Air Plants Tillandsia Assorted in transparent pot is a beautiful addition to any home or office. Some have said that it resemble a sea creature with its smooth, long arms. Air plants tillandsia assorted are members of the bromeliad family and Tillandsia genus. Most Tillandsia air plants are small species that absorb moisture from the air. They are native to the rainforests of Mexico, Central America and South America, and parts of the southern United States like Florida


A sealed transparent globe or similar container in which plants are grown


  • Healthy plant in its pot with premium soil
  • All the tips and tricks for expert-level care
  • Safe arrival guaranteed

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