Hanging Mix Zinnia Flowers or “Zinnia”

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Pot size: 19.7 x 13.0cm

Family: Asteraceae

Origin: North America

Max height: 10 to 100 cm

Flower Colour: Mix

Common Name: Zinnia

Sun Tolerance: High

Growth Rate: Fast

PH Level: Basic

Pest Tolerance: Medium

Disease Tolerance: Medium

Water Requirement: Low

Drought Tolerance: Medium



17.00 د.إ150.00 د.إ Inc. vat


Zinnia flowers are annuals, shrubs, and sub-shrubs native primarily to North America, with a few species in South America.- Most species have upright stems but some have a lax habit with spreading stems that mound over the surface of the ground. They typically range in height from 10 to 100 cm tall (4″ to 40″). The leaves are opposite and usually stalkless (sessile), with a shape ranging from linear to ovate, and a color ranging from pale to medium green. The flowers have a range of appearances, from a single row of petals to a dome shape. Zinnias may be white, chartreuse, yellow, orange, red, purple, or lilac.


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