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Chamomile “Camomilla Comune” Premium Quality Seeds by Hortus Sementi

Brand – Hortus Sementi
Made in Italy

  • Premium Quality Seeds
  • High Selection Seeds
  • Hortus Chamomile Annual Height 40-50cm, Grassy Stalk
  • White Flowers with Yellow Center
  • The Dry Flower Heads are Infused and used as a Pleasant and Mild Sedative
  • Distance : 50cm Between Rows, 15-20cm along the Row
  • Quantity : 0.5g Seed per Square Meter of Surface Area

8.00 AED 10.00 AED Inc. vat

Chamomile “Camomilla Comune” Premium Quality Seeds by Hortus Sementi

Growing plants from seeds is not only easy to do but is also one of the cheapest ways to fill your garden with abundance. Some people may only think of growing vegetables from seeds, but flowers are just as easy to plant.

Fill a small pot or an egg carton with seed-starting mix rich with peat moss, and plant flower seeds just under the surface of the soil, at a depth about two or three times the width of the seed. Water seeds into the new soil and then keep area moist until the flowers are established, Once flowers are established they don’t need to be watered as much.

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