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Christmas Gift | Poinsettia, Peace Lily and Boston Ferns

Gifting plants for Christmas is a thoughtful and enduring way to bring a touch of nature into someone’s home

Gift Include

Poinsettia 30-40cm

Spathiphyllum | Peace Lily 30-40cm

Nephrolepis exaltata | Boston Fern 20-25cm

100.00 د.إ139.00 د.إ Inc. vat


Christmas Gift

Christmas gift depends on the recipient’s preferences, interests, and your relationship with them, Festive plant like a Poinsettia, Peace lily, boston ferns or a bouquet of seasonal flowers can bring joy and color to their home during the holiday season


A Poinsettia can be a beautiful and symbolic Christmas gift, bringing a burst of color and festive spirit to the recipient’s home. With proper care, Poinsettias can continue to brighten the holiday season and beyond

Peace Lily

Gifting a Peace Lily for Christmas is a thoughtful and festive idea. Peace Lilies, with their elegant white blooms and symbolic name, can add a touch of tranquility and beauty to the holiday season

Boston Ferns

Boston Ferns are versatile gifts that can suit various occasions. They can be given as a gesture of goodwill, as a housewarming present, or to someone who appreciates indoor plants


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