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  • Ficus ginseng bonsai 25 – 30cm

    57.75 AED115.50 AED Inc. vat
    Ficus ginseng bonsai is one variety of this large group of fig trees. It is most striking in appearance because it grows thick roots that stay exposed above the surface of the ground.
  • Max Height: 25m Spread: 30m Origin: Japan, China, Malaysia, Australia Family: Moraceae Common Name: Curtain Fig, Indian Laurel, Malay banyan Drought Tolerance: Medium Salinity Tolerance: Medium Sun Tolerance: Medium Wind Tolerance: High Water Requirement: Low PH Level: Basic Pest Tolerance: High Disease Tolerance: High Growth rate: Medium Fragrance: No      
  • Give price is per plant and delivery will be provided from available stock. Plant Care:
    Watering: Pour 1 cups or 200ml once every week only when the soil begins to dry out. Water in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler. Light: Bright indoor light or indirect sun. 6 hours to 8 hours
    Temperature:18°C to 25°C
    Fertilizer: NPK Fertilizer Tabs or Baby Bio Plant Food or Fast Green Fertilizer
  • Araucaria Bonsai Decor

    375.50 AED Inc. vat
    Height: 40 cm
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