Feng Shui: How Plants Bring Positive Energy into your Living Space

Plants which can revive tired, weak, or lifeless spaces,” explains Carter. “They’re always changing and growing, which can help people take action and get the ball rolling in any area of their life.” Chi echoed this sentiment, adding that “plants bring the wood element into a space, which is one of the five main feng shui elements. This creates and supports the energy of vibrant health, growth, and exploration.”

Additionally these plants are air-purifying capabilities promote “good oxygenation levels, which is the basis of positive feng shui for health and well-being,” adds Chi.

The Bagua

According to Chi, the bagua is an energy map that shows the feng shui anatomy of a home. “It helps one see (and change) certain aspects of their life that are connected to certain areas of their home,” she explains. The bagua has nine sections: wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, relationships, family and physical health, spiritual health and well-being, children and creativity, knowledge and personal growth, career, and travel and connections.

“Each area of the bagua needs specific feng shui elements in order to thrive,” adds Chi. “For example, the ‘family and physical health’ area, which lies on the east side of your home, loves the wood element (plants), and the water element (a fountain), but cannot tolerate too much fire (a fireplace or Firepit) or metal (metal shelving or pots).”


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