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Sarracenia pinguicula or Butterworts

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  • Loves bright sunlight. Ideally indirect in UAE. Do not place it outside in summer.
  • The pot with the plant must always be sitting in pure water. It likes water with low TDS, If the TDS is higher than 100, use distilled, or clean rain water.
  • Donot fertilize. If the plant is not catching its own food, it needs to be fed in the traps with live insects, rehydrated dried blood worms, or other kinds of fish food high in insect-derived protein that can be conveniently rehydrated. If you use dead food, the traps need to be massaged to stimulate full closure and digestion

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9 in stock


Sarracenia pinguicula or Butterworts

Sarracenia pinguicula or Butterworts plant is a genus of most-uncarnivorous-looking, yet quite carnivorous plants. The basic architectural plan of most species in the genus is that of a little ground-hugging rosette of succulent leaves. Often the leaves have a glossy, pearly, opalescent character to them. Flowers–often spectacularly pretty–are produced from the center of the rosette, and nod singly from the top of tall, tender stalks. How can this sweet little thing be a carnivore?

Their arthropodicidal nature becomes clear only when you look very closely at the leaves. For there, adhering to the glandular surface of the leaf, are countless tiny little gnats and other minute arthropods. They are not only stuck to the leaf—they are drowned in moist pools of slime, and are indeed being digested.



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