Prosopis cineraria or Ghaf Tree شجرة الغاف

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Ghaf tree is one of the indigenous tree of UAE, High sun tolerant.

Available in different heights, requires very less amount of water and full sun.


Prosopis cineraria

“Prosopis cineraria or Ghaf tree شجرة الغاف (L.) Druce (family Leguminosae, subfamily Mimosoideae) is one of 44 species of leguminous trees and shrubs in the genus. It is a small thorny, irregularly branched tree, 5-10 in high.
Leaves are alternate, bipinnately compound with 1-3 pairs of pinnae. Each pinna has 7-14 pairs of leaflets, 4- 15 mm long and 2- 4 mm broad. The thorns are straight with a conical base and distributed sparsely along the length of the stem.


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230-250cm overall height, 90 – 100cm overall height, 140 – 150cm overall


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