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Potassium Rich Plants Supplement “GPC Star”

95.00 AED


  • High source of Potassium, Improving resistance to drought and increasing resistance to environmental stress.
  • Promotes uniform growth, generating fewer imbalances.
  • Helps to establish strong root systems and plant growth conditions.
  • Due to hight contribution of potassium it is essential for fruit and flowering plants.
  • 30% more efficient absorption of potassium compared to other liquid fertilizers.
  • Increases average rate of yield by 10 – 50%

Note: Keep out of children reach. Clean yourself well after using. Use proper PPE while applying. Read label carefully before using.


GPC Star

GPC Star helps to avoid chlorosis, promote photosynthesis and protect flowers and fruits from drought, freezing injury and damage by disease and insects. Adaptive to crops such as grain, cotton, fruit trees, vegetables, melons, orchard, Yams, Tobacco and tea leaves. GPC Star contains following guaranteed richness.

  • Potassium oxide (K2O) = 30%


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