The most incredible artist has created loads of beautiful things, but unarguably plants and flowers are one of his best creations. They are beautiful in every aspect, having an ability to leave a pleasant effect on our senses and never hold a grudge. As a matter of fact, more than 289,000 species of plants are gifted to planet earth, and these diverse groups are responsible for balancing nature and life on earth.

House plants are considered as an essential part of modern home interior, and also an easy way to add more color to your home. They only need water when you notice the soil is dry; they don’t like to sit in front of air conditioners and heating units. All you need to know is how much sun each of them require and place them accordingly, and you have covered almost all of your plant’s needs.

We have gone throw many plants and species, and come up with a list of 7 most beautiful ones. Why are these plants on our list? They are not only extremely beautiful but also they do not run the spectrum of hard-to-keep to invincible because the vast majority of plants available in market are horticultural puzzles. You can incorporate one or more of these stunning plants and transform your home interior or exterior.


Air Plant Tillandsia bulbosa

Air plant is considered as wonder plants because they need only air to survive and thus are considered as some of the easiest and prettiest indoor plants. They don’t need soil so they can be placed in any container or even without a container, can be hung too. They have the ability to absorb nutrients and water through the scales on their leaves. They are naturally found in rain forests of North America, hanging onto the bark and branches of trees. So keeping rain forest in mind, they need indirect light and few splashes of water.

air plant hanging

Yes! It’s that easy these attractive and good looking plants are as easy to keep. However, some people face hard time to keep them alive. If you want to compliment the beauty of your home by these beauties and are afraid that they will die we have a tip for you. All you need to do is to bath them once a week. Take a large container filled up will freshwater and submerge them fully for serval hours. After the bath they need to be dried fully and shake off any excess water and place them at a bright spot for few hours. If you are keeping them in a glass vase let them breathe in fresh air every day. Need to know where to find the best tillandsias? Find more here.


Jasminum polyanthum or Pink Jasmine Wine

Who doesn’t like jasmine, not only it has a breathtaking floral display but is also widely popular for its strong scent is recognized as French perfume. The pink buds bloom stunning white flowers, and the scent complements its beauty making it one of the most admirable and aromatic house plants.

Jasminum polyanthum or Pink Jasmine Wine الياسمين الوردي

It’s a strong and fast-growing vine with sprawling green leaves and loads of long-tubed, intensely fragrant white flowers. Talking about the maintenance, it’s felling in the category of moderate. The plant is originated from southeastern china, but now it can be found in almost all continents. It will maintain its good looks and health if watered throughout the growing season. Regular watering is the basic requirement of jasmine as it’s a fast-growing plant. It is ideally an outdoor plant but can be placed indoor too if you have a bright sunny window in your room as it requires direct sun. Dead flowers remain on the vine, though this is not unhealthy for the plant, but it sure looks untidy. Prune the vine after fall when the flowering is finished, and it will remain tidy and neat. Need to get this beauty home? You can find the best one here.

Aeschynanthus or Mona Lisa

Popularly known as the lipstick plant, Mona Lisa is gorgeous indoor plant. Its breathtaking beauty is because of its shiny foliage and unique flowers. The flowers appear as the miniature tube of lipstick, as they are bight colored tube peeks out of the flower buds, thus it’s popular by the name of lipstick plant. It is considered as the best choice having fascinating appearance, and it blooms in abundance all year round.

Aeschynanthus Mona Lisa

This exquisite beauty is quite low maintenance and only require water when the soil is dry. Overwatering can be fatal in this case, so it’s better to put your finger into the soil to know that is dry and the plant needs water. Mona Lisa requires bright indirect light, placing it under the sun directly can burn the leaves. Insufficient light can disturb the bright red flowers. It doesn’t require purring, but trimming of the ends of vines can enhance its look and make it fuller. It usually safe from pets and is not affected easily. However it can attract mealy bugs, spiders, and aphids, which are not harmful to the plant. This dazzling houseplant puts on a lovely display in front of a bright window and is an excellent choice for adding a splash of color to brightly lit kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms; you can order one here.


Guzmania Red and Yellow Plants or Scarlet Star

The large star-shaped bloom of guzmania has brought this plant into the limelight. The scarlet star belongs to bromeliads family and has a number of species. This marvelous plant makes the atmosphere pleasing where ever it is placed. The best thing about guzmania is, the bloom lasts for up to 5 months, so it does its job well to enhance the beauty of the surrounding for a long time. They thrive in bight indirect light and can be burn if placed directly into the sun. They can last for months without water, and overwatering can be harmful. However they enjoy occasional baths and splashes once or twice a week.

Guzmania yellow

Don’t place them near the cooling or heating unit as they can die in extreme hot or cold temperatures. They hardly ever need fertilizers, can maintain their health naturally. Nor they require repotting as they have short lifespan of 3-4 years. After fully flowering it dies as a natural part of cycle and babies pop out from the base. So if you are planning to buy a scarlet star, its best to buy a young plant and let it bloom. You can easily find in supermarkets on sale because they might die out soon because of the natural process, so make sure you are buying a young one. You can find one here.


Moth Orchids

Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers and are known for their log living delightful flowers, which remain fresh for 3-4 months. The stalks stand tall blooms with a number of beautiful flowers, while large green oval-shaped leaves sit close to the bottom of the stem.

Orchids are famous for making the atmosphere around them extremely pleased due to their exquisite appearance and long-living flower. Despite their dazzling appearance they are quite low maintenance and don’t require much of your time.

moth orchids phals dubai UAE

Orchids don’t need much water and can actually die from overwatering. Make sure the soil id dry for 2-3 days before you re-water them. Orchids are found of bright and indirect light, as they can be burned by direct sun. They are considered as fertilizer thirty plants, and they need to be fertilized as often as watering. Some people face problems, and their orchids don’t bloom after first flowers drop. Experts advise cutting the stem after the flowering and new stem will appear with new flowers. Have these orchids convinced you to buy some for your home too? You can find some best phalaenopsis here.


Strelitzia reginae or Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia reginae is a fascinating plant, with unique iridescent orange and midnight blue flowers that look like an exotic bird peeking out from the broad leaves. The plant belongs to South Africa, but its idiosyncratic looks make it popular in the rest of the world. The plant is vigorous, quick-growing indoor plant. They can easily be grown indoor at a sunny spot and love of warm-up in direct sun for a few hours. It belongs to the banana family and can grow up to 3-4 feet tall. It starts flowers when its three years old in late summer or early spring.

Strelitzia reginae 

It is considered a low maintenance house plant. All you need is the right sunny spot, and excessive sun can scorch it while, on the other hand insufficient light can no bloom. Make sure the soil is dry when you water it. These plants are hungry for fertilizers; they need to be fertilized bi-monthly. Strelitzia reginae lovers their pot so they can get upset if you report them. They might also not bloom if you plant them too deep. They can be propagated from seeds, but they are slow to germinate, and take 3-4 years to bloom. Buy a grown-up blooming bird of paradise here.


Ficus elastica “Abidjan” or Rubber Plant

Ficus Elastica,  commonly known as the rubber plant, or Abidjan, is considered as one of the most attractive house plants because of its large and lush leaves. It’s a great statement piece for any kind of interior and is easy to take care of. You can make your home feel much more alive only by placing a rubber plant. It has oval-shaped glossy, luscious green leaves with a hint of burgundy, which makes it vibrant against any background. India and Southeast Asia is native land of this plant. It can grow up to 6 feet tall.

Ficus elastica Abidjan Rubber Plant

The rubber plant is not only famous for its beauty but also considered as one of the best air purifiers. It is also included in NASA’s best air purifying plants. Its ability to absorb toxins make sit the best choice for improving indoor environment. It is also one of the toughest plants and can withstand great neglect. It cannot tolerate direct sun and should be kept in dark corner. It needs water only when the soil is dry. Upon cutting, it produces white milky sap, which is slightly toxic for adults and highly dangerous for children and pets. Rubber plant comes in many different species, but only Abidjan has vibrant color, you can find a beautiful and lively Abidjan here.