Best mosquito repellent plants

Evenings in UAE are always relaxing, and nothing is as soothing as the warmth of setting sun. But those pesky mosquitoes can turn things around. It’s easy to get rid of them from your house, and never let them entre again, but things are complicated when we talk about outdoors. All one can think of is spray repellent, which works good for an hour or so, but no one can spray around the house all the time. So what can be the best feasible way to make your property a mosquito-free place possible? Mother Nature has all solutions to every problem, which also includes mosquitos. There are several plants which you can grow in your garden and mosquitoes will never come to your house. We have done the work for you by finding the best six of all.

1- Lemon Grass

You must be already familiar with lemongrass as a delicious herb which takes your food to another level, or one of the best tea ingredient. But have you ever wondered why so many mosquito repellents are lemongrass scented? Because it is one of the most effective natural ingredient to keep them away. Lemongrass is also a sauce of essential oil, which is also a great shield against these biting pests. But nothing is better than keeping the source plant around.

Cymbopogon lemon grass

It grows in bunches and belongs to citronella family. The lone green pointed leaves come with many benefits including repelling mosquitoes. The strong aroma is disliked by the biting invaders while making your garden refreshing and aromatic. The aroma is because of a compound found inside the plant, which is the actual mosquito repellent.

There are different types of lemongrass plants available in the market. Surprisingly they all have that strong aroma and belong to citronella family, but they fail to keep mosquitoes away. Make sure you are buying lemongrass or Cymbopogon citratus, you can also order here to avoid any misunderstandings.

The plant needs sunlight to thrive and less water, so yes, it’s quite a low maintained plant. Unfortunately it cannot withstand extreme cold weather, so if you live in extreme clod area it better to keep them in large pots so you can place them in direct sunlight. After the winter, they need to be pruned, and it will be good as new.

2 – Lavender

Lavender sure makes your bubble bath more relaxing and refreshing, but it is capable of so much more. There beautiful and gorgeous Light purple, white, or pink flowers can multiply the beauty of your garden not only by looks but the fragrance they bring. It is extremely popular for its delicious smell and has been widely used in perfumes, essential oils, and medicine since ages. But mosquitoes have different taste buds, and they seem to hate the aroma so much that they decide to keep themselves miles away from it.

The beautiful flowers grow at the end of a stalk, which is long and green. Lavenders are available in many different verities and types. You can find some of the best ones here. Their flowers are full of nectar, which is widely used in making essential oils.

It sure gives a delicate look, but it is a tough plant. Lavender thrives in a hot and dry climate as it is drought-resistant. All it needs is plenty of suns and less water, so it also fell into a category of low maintenance plants. Make sure the soil or the container is dry as it can die from an excess of water. The spot which faces the most sunlight all day is the best to keep lavenders. It also doesn’t need to be fertilized often, so it’s best to let it grow naturally.


3 – Mint

Despite making your chewing gum extra juicy and refreshing, mint has many magical properties, and repelling insects including mosquitoes is one of them. The plant has lush green leaves that are beautifully textured and naturally aromatic. Tiny white, blue, pale pink or purple flowers grow in bunches on the stalk. It is widely popular as an herb and belongs to Lamiaceae family having over 250 different species. You can find the best one here.

Mint is an easy to grow plant and one of the best choices for your garden. A good trim is required after the first bloom of the season to trim off the dead leaves, and flower t welcome another fresh round of flowers. It’s important to keep the soil dry and drained to keep the mint flourishing. It is one of the best not just to keep mosquitoes away, but it repels nearly all insects. Other than that, the herb itself has several health benefits and is used in making your food delicious, as well.

4 – Basil

One of the most beloved and herbs which we all love to grow because it tastes so delicious when fresh but who knows the basil plant can work as a mosquito repellent too.This herb is so aromatic that it emits aroma without even crushing or even touching its leaves. And this strong aroma also keeps mosquitos away and marking our food taste so good.

Ocimum tenuiflorum, Tulsi plant or Holy Basil

The smell comes from its large medium-green leaves. This herb is so popular for its wide usage that it is also called “the king of herbs” and the “royal herb,” and no doubt it is; however, its official name is Ocimum tenuiflorum. There are many types of basil plants available in the market, and they all are found to be effective as mosquito and flies repellents, but the finest one is available here

Being a royal herb, it does need a bit of attention to grow. The best place to grow basil in the ground in the sunniest region. It needs to be damp and properly drained. During the hot months, don’t forget to water and prune it regularly, or it may dry out.

5 – Rosemary

A delicious herb again, which is highly aromatic. The smell and aroma both are so good; it can enhance the flavor of any dish it is added too. I show strong mosquito repellent property that can be used to make natural repelled at home. You need to pick some leaves from your back yard, crush them and rub on your skin directly on mixed with body lotion. You can even put some rosemary on the grill and turn on the heat; mosquitoes will leave your premises as far as the aroma reaches.


It is a member of the mint family that has small needle-like leaves with beautiful blue flowers. The rosemary plant is tough and can survive without water for weeks.

It flourishes in a sunny area and doesn’t need to be watered frequently. But unfortunately, it can’t tolerate extreme cold, so it’s better to plant them in pots and keep them inside during winters.

Planting rosemary directly from the seeds can be tough; you can order a rosemary plant here.  It is also called “the mist of the ocean” because it likes sunny and sandy soil.

6 – Lemon Balm

Who doesn’t like fresh lemon scent in the yard, which works pretty effectively as a mosquito repellent too…  The lemon count is enriched with a high count of antioxidants, which makes it perfect for incorporating into your diet while calming your senses. It is extremely popular as an herb and making tea. Lemon balm is utilized in many medicines and essential oil for centuries. While repelling mosquitoes it attracts bees, which can be friendly for your garden.  It is popular in Indiana as horsemint and is grown as an annual.

mint or mentha plant use

If you want to enhance your backyards appearance by placing an ointment plant that can enrich your space lemon scent and also effective in keeping pesky mosquitoes away, order your lemon balm here.

Its lush green leaves can add charm wherever it is kept. It is a member of the bee balm family, and another name of this energizing plant is Melissa, and it’s quite easy to grow. The plant can regrow itself from seeds easily. Its high drought-resistant nature makes it low maintenance. It needs warm and dry place to grow. A semi-shady spot will do a perfect job of making it thrive. When the plants grows above 10-12 inches you don’t need to water it additionally.